Something that I was going to talk about ages ago but just couldn’t find time for it or just forgot.

Razor Kingz, I haven’t hear of them just until a friend of mine showed me this video and I was surprised! A Scottish group with Celph Titled on the track, now if you’re into Army of the Pharaohs or Jedi Mind Tricks they know how great of a MC he is. Razor Kings also showed some skills on the track and they also sound a lot like Phillie rappers.

As I mentioned before, I’ve never heard of them but I hope they are not affiliated with the famous razor gangs from the South Side of Glasgow. These guys really got potential in the underground scene and if they keep doing what they do they will make it big.

The video itself is well edited and produced but it’s just like most of the videos from our local artists and what I mean by that is that they lack story line. I don’t want to bash anyone for what they doing but if the artist or even the video director wants to get some wider exposure they really need to put more work into that stuff. The lip syncing to the sample - I found it really amusing.

Also why the fuck is this video linked with a Sudanese rapper BANGZ?!


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