So I was just sitting here waiting for this video to get released after Nasty announced it on Facebook and here it is! I thought it would be actual “Trap” song but it isn’t which made me quite sad. After listening to the song and watching the video several times all I have got to say this is disturbing.

It’s disturbing how beatiful her voice is! It’s just amazing and it really makes you want to close the eyes and fade away. On top of that we’ve got DJ Nast P’s production! Both, her voice and Nasty’s beat made this track just dope. Naledi, that’s the name of the artist is one of the urban (I suppose) artists I have heard from Edinburgh which actually would blow peoples mind once she gets bigger. Also this scene really needs a female voice to fill that gap!

The track called Trap is from upcoming free mixtape or EP all produced by Mr. Nasty and after that we can expect an album! No word on the album yet but I suppose we all will be waiting for it to come out to hear that gorgeous voice again!

Also, visit her bandcamp for more!


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